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Lake Huron Winds

Located near the shores of Lake Huron, Huron Winds sits atop a long, sloping bluff, making it an ideal spot to harness the wind.

The turbines rise high above the trees and buildings, free of turbulence and strategically positioned to catch the best breeze off the lake. The prevailing winds climb the bluff, compressing energy for release at the top when mixed with higher breezes. The blades of the wind turbine catch this energy and use it to generate electricity.


The power of the wind comes from the sun. Wind uses up to one to two per cent of the sun�s energy on earth.
How this works is the sun heats up the air in the atmosphere causing it to rise. Everything from the temperature, terrain, bodies of water, vegetation, buildings and humans effect the wind�s movement. Combined with other elements, the winds can be friendly or ferocious depending on the season.


Bruce County�s first attempt to harness the wind for utility-grade electrical generation was unsuccessful in the mid-1990s, when the wind knocked down a privately owned 85-kilowatt turbine in its second year of production. With lessons learned and evolving turbine technology more safety features have been put in place to prevent this from happening again. A 600-kilowatt wind turbine was put in its place and put into service in 1995 which now stands adjacent to the Huron Wind property.    



Huron Wind is committed to producing clean, sustainable energy.

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