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  It is very easy to make your own kite from an old
plastic bag... and the wind is free!
  Make a paper template to the dimensions shown or if you want to make a bigger version simply scale up the measurements. It is a good idea to fold the paper in half as it is very important to get the kite symmetrical or it may spin when you try to fly it.

Using an old plastic bag and your template as a guide, cut out the main part of the kite. If you prefer you can use some lightweight cloth but you will need to do some sewing. The circular hole is not essential but should help to make the kite more stable.

The spars are held in place using strong, sticky tape. The corners of the kite need to be strengthened with tape as well (especially where the string will be attached).  If you are using cloth, small pieces will need to be sewn to hold spars and strengthen corners.  Make tails from long pieces of plastic or cloth.  Once again these are not essential but the will add stability.  You may need to adjust the size of the tails to find out what gives the best result for the least weight.

If your kite flies well, try to lift something with it. How about a contest with your friends? Make some kites using the same-sized, plastic bags and then see who can lift the heaviest object.

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