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  Generating power from a turbine magnetic field
  The area around a magnet where its force can be felt is called a magnetic field. If you move a coil of wire close to a magnet (within the magnetic field) it produces an electric current in the wire.
  In its simplest form, a generator would consist of a U-shaped magnet and a single loop of wire. If you rotate the loop of wire between the poles of the magnet, this induces (generates) the electricity in the loop.
  Most generators have several magnets and coils (with lots of windings) and most produce an "alternating current"as the current travels in one direction for half of the turn and in the opposite direction for the other half.
  Note: A generator does not create energy. It changes mechanical energy into electrical energy. Every generator must be driven by something that produces mechanical energy and uses fuel or another type of energy such as wind or flowing water.
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