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  Modern wind turbines have taken various forms. Designs are continually under development to make wind power more efficient. Large three-blade turbines are one of the most popular designs at present but expect to see all sorts of interesting designs in the future as scientists experiment with getting the most out of wind power in a variety of situations.
multi-bladed farm turbine two-bladed turbine darrieus rotor cross arm rotor
  Multi-bladed farm turbine
  Turbines such as these have been used on remote farms to pump water and generate small amounts of electricity for more than a century. Many are in use today.
  Two bladed turbine
  Horizontal axis turbines used for commercial electricity production tend to be two or three bladed. The blades are shaped like the wings of an airplane to give optimum performance.
  Darrieus rotor
  This is a vertical axis design that has thin blades, which are curved and fixed to a thin shaft held in place using guy ropes. Although not as efficient as modern horizontal axis designs, they do not need tall strong towers for support and they will work in any wind direction.
  Cross arm rotor
  This is another design of vertical axis turbine. It will work in any wind direction.
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